Saturday, 28 January 2012


On the 25th January I spent the afternoon in the sound studio with Derek Woodmass and Charlee Burgess Working on the voice over for the trailer. Charlee being the character Sofie, She is the main person speaking in this trailer. We played around with script changing some of the sentences to sound powerful and allow the audience to understand the story. I also had Hayley Green the friend to the character Sofie come in to do some recording. I may use this audio for the trailer or I may make the actors say it on camera aswell I have not yet decided, however it will help me to time it for the animatic. Hope you enjoy the video stay in tune for the next development to the trailer. 


Friday, 27 January 2012


My blog is taking a very long time to upload my video diary do opologise stay tuned! xx

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Beginning

Well it is time to start my final semester in university life. Very scary thought. I have have been racking my brain and final found an idea I feel comfortablle with and wish to carry out as my final major project. This video is basically an outline of the idea I have and the people I have on my team so far. I realise that I am not the best person to write about my idea's so I will do a short summary and add a video diary instead because I find that people will sit and listen more than they will sit and read.

So the story

It is a trailer, the film is going to be called the darkness.

  • there is a girl called sofie
  • She is studying at unversity
  • she is a werewolf
  • However she has been running from that life.
  • Her family think she has spent enough time away
  • Sofie never wants to go back to her family.
  • Her family are werewolves.
  • The trailer begins with Sofie walking down an alleyway and a werewolf growls from the darkness. Sofie and her friend are sat on the sofa and her friend asks her what has happened. She makes her friend leave and then the enforcers of her family come to take her back but she fights, as this happens there will be flashes of her in the alleyway running away from the werewolf.
I will have to be very patient and organise myself precisily to be able to pull this project off.