Saturday, 26 May 2012


Throughout this project I have been working on the compositing in this animation here are a few snap shots of the scenes I have composited. The stones scene when the wolf shakes is just a png sequence of each stone layered on top of the original scene 'Shake' and then using the brightness and contrast effect lightened the scene to be able to see the stones coming out of the wolf. The other scenes are using masks, I used a lot of masks in this animation especially on the leaf sequences as it saved me time to render one shot of the background then a targa sequences of the leaf in maya with the lights turned on then layering them together in after effects and then masking, this is for when the leaf needed to be behind the stone. This is also the case with the shadow scenes of the girl using a mask on the original 2D drawing putting effects on her to look like a dark shadow.

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