Friday, 1 February 2013

New Project

Since University finished I haven't really been up to much other than job hunting like the  rest of the world, I have helped out on the music video for Mr Hudson with Carse and Waterman company. The picture above is the character I created. Among other things I am still hunting but whilst I'm hunting I am planning on creating an animation to keep the juices flowing in my brain.

So the draft of my next project is going to be called....' The Room mate.' Its a working title so don't scream at me if it changes, I have one modeller invovled as I'm going to need help with such an ambitious projected, Hopefully once it is done I'll enter it into some competitions if there are any out there, obviously this project is my own project and if I do findd a job this will go on the backburner but for entertainment! why not!

Hopefully be back with a new post with some ideas.


  1. Go for it Joy! I will enjoy reading your blogs keep em coming, I will be rooting for you and if you need a reference just ask. L;-)

  2. Thanks laura, fingers crossed. Miss uni alot and your lessons, I think I need someone like you to keep me going. Thankyou I will deffo be in touch x joy x