Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Animation tweaks

Jumping on the wall.

 Here is the update on my animation of the wolf waking from his sleep. I believe this is a vast improvement to my other playblast of the wolf jumping onto the wall. I will next have him jump from the wall to the floor following the animatic I have created.


 I have showed Teagan Ball my new version of the poem she is very happy with this and would like to meet up on the 23rd to further discuss the progress of the animation.

I have also been given the opportunity to speak with Paul Barlow from stars and heroes to discuss my work and have some critic on the project as a whole. I have recently worked with Paul and would be very pleased to get his opinion.


I have spoken with my helpers, Chris Wass is going to composit some rubbish onto the alley floors for me and composit the leaf on the stone stand of the wolf.
Derek Woodmas has been a great help in the sound department and he is happy with being the voice for my poem that will be said over the animation
I also have Charles Beeching working on the music to the changes to the animation he is still on board with the project which I am very pleased with.

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