Tuesday, 3 April 2012

opening scenes

These are the first opening scenes to my animation, I think the leaf needs to be alot slower and I think it needs to have a group of leaves in the alleyway and then a single one landing on the plaque however I have not yet put in some rubbish on the floor yet so I am going to work on that. To save myself rendering aswell I rendered one image of the alley, layered the whole alley so I could hide it then animate the leaf and render that out seperatly and in aftereffects using the mask tool I was able to merge the image and animation together. As I said it needs to be tweaked and slowed down but I think it looks like a good start. I spent an whole week on the alleyway, modelling everything, uv mapped the entire alleyway, then went out and took photos for my textures, enhancing the images to allow them to look dirty and grubby. Adding everything into maya I was then able to mess with the lighting, I feel like it needs more however I am not an expert on lighting so I think it is time to hit the youtube and books looking at tutorials.

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