Monday, 7 March 2011


I had a tutorial with Adrian tooth the producer, I showed him how far I have gotten in the project, I showed the new addition to Fritz seen as he has changed drastically from an gremlin creature, (sort of) to a Rabbit with a cloak. I showed him my textures and how I have started to do UV maps for the laboratory. Feed back on my animatic would be to have it a little more detailed, in the area when Fritz is moving the box across the room, show him maybe limping. Plus the machine for the roof and the opening of the doors to be modelled and have more than one button which I said would be different and I was only using the material I had. The other would be to have more still camera's than moving the camera around so much as it can be quite disoratating for the audience. I will also be doing my own little animation to Frankenstoke with a frog I have modelled as I would like to have some imput into the animation progress so if the lead animator doesn't give me anything to do I will be doing little shorts myself to put into my portfolio.

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