Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Assistant Animator.

I had a meeting with Dan and Richard yesterday about the progress we had done so far, still working on the characters however we finally agreed on a style. I showed them the hospital and graveyard I had done, the changes made tot the graveyard are to put in a maya tree and not build one, that the gate needs to be less medievil and they want a path and it to be ontop of a hill also to maybe have a church in the background, i suggested that if they weren't seeing the church that much to composite a church onto the end product otherwise its just wasted time on a building we arnt going to use the same goes with the other buildings and in the story the buildings arn't going to be seen however they need to have some detail to them but the tower will be the main focus of the animation. So my next job will to redo the graveyard with the new changes and to do my own shop called the white rabbit it will be the pet shop. We decided to use our logos for the shop signs as it won't be copywriting. Other than that the next time we meet i should have a shop completed and a photoshoped image of what i think the street should look like.

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