Friday, 11 March 2011

The magic cupboard.

Thursday 10th of March,  me and the group (magic cupboard) got together to decide on the look of the animation even though we had the storyboard down and we knew what we were doing we all didn't have a clue about the look of the animation and as a group this was one of the most important factors as we had changed our minds alot of the style first it was going to be a stylised look like the incredible then we went with the idea of kids drawings then we went on the basis of have Internet pictures photoshopped however I thought that it seemed to quickly done with all of them factors so we all decided we would do the drawings and photoshop them ourselves so we all had a go at the scenes yet in the end they would all look the same photoshopped. So we had to decided what would need to be drawn in each scene. I made a list and handed out who could do what.

This is for just the first story.

Scene 1. Friends house.
  • House 
  • Tree
  • Fence
  • Gate
  • grass
  • sun and sky 
  • Path
Scene 2. Living Room.
  • TV
  • Sofa
  • shelves-Books
  • Rug
  • Pictures on the wall
  • Door.
Scene 3. Kitchen.
  • Wall
  • Cooker
  • Cabinets
  • washing machine
  • fridge
  • tiles on floor
  • window
  • sink
  • door
We have decided that the second story will just be one scene as it isn't as long as the other and has more characters in it than scene's so it will be easier to keep just the one scene, However we will be discussing that next week once we have the first story done. Our deadline has been extended to the 10th of may however our competition finishes on the 7th of May so we will have our deadline for then.

Joy x

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