Sunday, 13 February 2011

Assistant Animator

I met with my third years on Wednesday 9th Feburary Richard and Dan to find out the details for this project and what they would like me to do, my task this week for them will be to have some research images for the short 3min animation they wish to create. I need to research buildings I could put into a city such as hospital's, banks etc... They said our next meeting they should have the storyboard made so we will have a better visual to go by and what they are expecting out of the project. We discussed the jobs that me and one other assitant might be doing however they desided that no job will be specific to us that we would delve into all of it as we are now part of a team. Which means that we can also ask to be taught how to do something. I'll know more of the project in out next meeting.

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