Thursday, 17 February 2011


15th of February we had a group meeting with our producer Adrian Tooth, these are his notes from the meeting...

Sid is missing but seen his character and it looks good, a bit worried about the boot, but these probably won't be seen.
Like the concept art and there is nice design of the Lab and a storyboard with a good story happening and this looks very doable. Point of note rectangles for the storyboard.
Some nice concept designs of the Mellor building.

More characters need to be modelled. Use the story board and the concept designs to point out what needs to be modelled. Try and be a bit more creative with camera angles.
If you need permission to get on the mellor building roof, ask security and they will tell you if you need me to write a letter of approval.


However we have now changed the character design for Fritz as some team members had a dislike to the first design and we sat down and compromised on what we could do instead, agreed upon the fact we liked the body but both didn't like each others head designs so we looked at animals in Labs that are typically experimented on, we come up with the idea's of a rat and rabbit, we thought a rabbit would look more dynamic and appealing to the audience.

Already having finished the storyboard I now need to go back and redo it also do the turn around for the new character design which we have agreed upon for one of my team members to start modelling and start an animatic that will help us with the camera angles.

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