Friday, 25 February 2011

Assistant animator.

Just saw the two third years today and we sat down and looked and the storyboard, there original idea is to have a girl walking down an alley way, however the camera would be looking out on her point of view, we would see a reflection of her in a puddle or an sillhoette of her on the wall. she then comes out onto a long road and sees at the end of this road a tower with the sillohette of her father on the top of the tower, she then gets herself on a bike rides down the road falls off her bike and hits her head and then is push into a flashback of her at a park with her father and is being pushed on a swing but the father is in shadow, then she wakes up and starts riding on some roller blade and they break and she falls and gets pushed into another flashback of her father in the end this happens one last time in a car and when she wakes she finally gets to the tower and as she walks up the tower she gets older to find her father at the top and as she reaches out to him, he wisps away and she looks up to the sun to see him in the sun with her as a young child and that shows she has finally died and is with her father finally as he died when she was little. They presented this to there tutor, it was suggested it was too long and complicated and to cut down there story. The third years asked me and the other assistant lee what we could cut down, my suggestion was maybe to cut out the whole bike and rollerblades plus the intro just to have her having a car crash maybe into the tower and then have each flashback as one whole thing drifting in and out of scene's. Now it is her having a car crash her falling into her flashbacks the first scene in the park the next in a shop getting her wedding dress then her in the graveyard putting flowers on the gravestone of her dad to then have her wake up in the car and getting out in front of the tower looking up to see her father and in the background her body is in the car dead and the car recked and we realise she has died and now is a spirit and the endin is the same, this just cuts it down to basic's to make it easier to understand and be more realistic when it comes to makeing the animation. Our next job is to start making the buildings for them and the graveyard and park as they want that in 3D. I will be doing the grave yard and 3 buildings.

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