Sunday, 13 February 2011


I have finsihed the character design of Fritz, in my opinion he looks a little like E.T. however he looks like a little helper for the Dr Frankenstien which was our aim. Dr Frankenstien is also drawn and modelled in Maya and my next move to do is to draw the monster and after Fritz is modelled, the Monster will be next.
The storyboard is done. I have decided that our first image to 'Frankenstoke' will be of Mellor building on Stoke campus, just a photograph with 'Frankenstoke' slapped across the image. I am now just inking out the storyboard to present to our producer Adrian Tooth. I am also starting to painting my sketches to see what colour we want the characters and the background.
We finally worked out how we can create lightning and particles in Maya so it will be easier that compositing them into After Effects. That will be more likly handed over to one of my group memeber as I am the Lead Concept artist. My primary jobs are to get the characters and storyboard done.
Our next meeting is on 14th monday feburary.

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