Saturday, 10 March 2012

I have finally got my rig sorted thanks to Paul Whiting who changed the original creative crash rig to allow the mouth to open and close. Plus added my blendshapes to them, so a big thank you to Paul. Now on to the animating of the wolf which is proving difficult however I think I have finally cracked the wolf running thanks to this fabulous step by step run that I found on Bing images. I have been animating for the last couple of days and testing it out on the live footage, I believe it is getting there with some work, I still have lots to consider with angles plus I still haven't finished my live footage. However here are some few videos to show you what I am getting up to plus my credit sequence I have animated and finished. (Charles Beeching did not do the music for the titles it is from Mutemath called spotlight. I won't be using this music in my titles however its on here now just for entertainment until I have an idea for the title music later.)

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