Thursday, 1 March 2012


I have spent today uv mapping the eyes and textureing them using photoshop. I spent time over the eyes of my wolf as this will be the soul of the wolf. I needed them to look as though they were human and not a regular wolf so the audience could understand that it was a werewolf, films
and books do this like twilight, the anita blake books by laurell.k.hamilton and other authors such as christine feehan, kelly armstrong, charlene harris. They all try and give their werewolf characters some humanoid features and one attribute most common to this is the eyes. So today I spent time over the colour and look of the
eyes. Origanally I was going to use
a blue colour like my texture on the wolf however this looked very unreal and gave no emotion to the character, I wanted the wolf to look mencing, I wanted the wolf to look like he had just shifted and it was painful.Because lets face it having your skin reform into a wolf would be painful. So as you can see down the left  
handside the different colours I used, the main colour that stood out was the red, I used a eye texture that I found on Bing images, copied and pasted that on my UV map, created a new layer on my panel and paint bucketed the layer with a solid red or green or blue then with the filters I used overlay to create this vivid colour I did use other effects. 

However they did not give me the desired effected. I then took these textures and tested them in maya by using the hypershade and rendering out a frame I was able to see what they
looked like on the wolf. As you can see on
the right handside.

finished Textured UV map

These eyes are the final eyes that I choose for the wolf, I darkend the pupils and gave him a red colour I found it looked striking and effective for the mood of the wolf.

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  1. I find red eyes always give me the creeps, but the ones you've created as the final eye colour of choice have more emotional depth to them and less of the plain old stereotype evil red, in short not creepy at all and quite human despite the fact that i've yet to see a human with red eyes ( coloured contacts dont count)