Friday, 2 March 2012


The images you see are the uv maps, I stitched them together in maya and created a texture for them in photoshop the uv map to my right is a the bottom teeth, I put a simple gravel texture on the teeth so it would work well with the brick look I gave the wolf. 
The texture on the left is the front teeth top and bottom. This was made with two textures a blooding spotted texture and a gravel texture I layered them in photoshop and use the overlay effect to match the textures together I then flattened the image and changed the levels on hue and saturation to give it a green/blue colour.

The texture on the right is the uv map of the tongue and I used an elephant skin texture changing the brightness and contrast to allow the ridges to look defined, I used this texture as it went well with the teeth and it allow it to stand out.
The rendered scenes on both sides are different settings in maya to let me see the difference in the bump map on the skin, I found whilst using mental ray and changing the quality to production the bump looks smoother (right) compared to the draft quality (left) that looks too bumpy.

The rendered image on my right is of the teeth and tongue, I tested the each texture in maya to make sure that they suited the character I think it works well with the wolf.

on the left is an old texture on the wolf I was trying to make it look like fresh scratches into flesh and veins showing up however it look more burnt than anything and did not go with the feel of the film, plus the problem with a brighter colour is the blending with the film and it would have started to look too stuck on.

 These three images are the end result of the wolf, I believe it looks really good and spending time on the textures has really improved my character, the use of fur was too technical and would have take me months to understand properly and I have over come this by looking back at my wolf and come up with a different style and concept which has worked in my favour as I have now sent the model off to be rigged and ready to animate which has freed me to experiment more in animation and compositing.

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