Friday, 16 March 2012


Work is going well. I have uploaded my research images on wolves, werewolves, gargolyes and films with different types of werewolves in. This is all on my 'the darkness' page. The reason I have put these images up is to show everyone were my ideas have come from and why my wolf is different, why it doesn't have hair why I picked blue for its colour and why it is a brick texture. I wanted something unique and different but not too much that it looked weird. So I used natural wolves as my base because a believed that werewolves should be orginal in some way. I then took the wolf base and played around with colours. This is when I started to look into films. Blood and chocolate was my first film I picked because they were natural wolves and had fur. I drew alot of natural wolves with hair and I really liked them however the wolf seemed too plain. So I then started looking into werewolf films like underworld, dog soliders and resident evil. I really like the zombie look from the resident evil film, even if the were dogs and not werewolfs. I liked the skin look of the dogs with the viens showing and muscle this included dog soldiers and underworld were the have skin with tuffs of fur. So I started to think about skin textures and a colour that would go well, seen as the werewolves were mainly grey or black. I knew this wouldn't work with my project because my outdoor scenes were too dark. I then tryed an orange red burnt texture for the wolf but it the wolf looked too solid so I then started to change the colour. So I watched Avatar and the colour they used in their film and obviously the blue stood out the most. Especially on the viper wolf so I changed my wolf to blue. However it looked too solid so going back to skin textures I thought I would look at hard textures like brick and granite textures. Then I thought what it the wolf looked like a gargoyle. So I then started researching images of gargolyes and really liked the look and texture of them so I tried it out on my wolf and if fit really well. Plus it blended well with the live action footage and it will still easy to see the wolf. So that is how I have my main wolf. I know I haven't showed much of my concept art but that is because I have been trying to carry on with the animation so some time this week I will try and scan them in and upload them onto here. Here is also a walk/trot cycle of the wolf.

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