Saturday, 25 February 2012


Well this has been a very productive day, the wolf I origanally modelled has been a bit of a waste as I can't really rig it as I have no rigging experience and I am finding the tutorials not useful at all as its not the version of maya I use so I have moved that to one side and took a rigged dog off creative crash and re-shaped it to look like a wolf, I have uv mapped it and with the help of paul on tuesday I am going to hand over the rig for him to tweak it so the mouth opens and closes because the orginal rig does not have a open and closed mouth. Also he will kindly put my blendshapes on there aswell, I have modelled teeth and eyes for the wolf aswell and put them with the model. So the next stage is to look at fur and textures. Unfortunatly I have only been able to watch tutorial on fur as my computer being the best in the business (not) cannot handle the wonders of fur on maya so I will have to wait monday for the studio to be open and use their high powered computers :) However not to waste my time I have had a play around with the orginal rigged dog to understand what the controls can do and the rigs limits. It isn't as fantastic as say something Paul could have done but it is tolarable. So here is a run cycle, very rough but its a first try.
stay tuned for the live action animatic that will be on here sometime next week.

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