Friday, 24 February 2012

enforcer filming

Hey everyone some updates, I have spoken to the famous paul whiting about rigging some major and miner problems, the wolf I have modelled does not fit the rig I have found so I have two ways about going around this, one spend time with a video that neil o'grady gave me on rigging a four legged creature (horse in this case) spend time understanding rigs, this will probably take me a couple of weeks or two take the model of the dog that was origanally on the rig and model the dog simalar to the wolf I have and attach the rig and Paul said he would help me with the mouth and blendshapes as the rig does not open its mouth. This is going to be a challenge however I will look at rigging it myself if I find I can do it I will make one if after a week of screaming at my computer and can not do it I will model the dog into my wolf. I suppose a Director has these problems and it is a pain and can set me back but because I am an organised director I have enough time to play about with things. ON A GOOD NOTE. The enforcers filming has been done and it has come together nicely so I would like to thank my 2nd year Chris Wass and my friend Josh Bray for helping me and having fun with it because that is also what I want to people to enjoy what they are doing. As always thankyou to charlee burgess for being my main lead and kicking some boys ass's girl power all the way. I have a small clip how the others felt after the filming and also another outtake video. ENJOY!

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