Monday, 20 February 2012


Hello everyone, ready for the update well here it goes, Some filming was done this Sunday 19/2/12 wooooooooo everyone cheer. What me and my crew got in the end was good and bad, we have found the camera the media centre gave me was pretty bad at night, it looked really grainy and pixalated, however some of the filming was actually really good with use of shadow and street lamps it was good, I have taken the footage of the opening scene and put it into my animatic however I am not putting it on here until rushes so you'll have to hold on for a little longer :P. I have also have the music woooo everyone cheer again, It is still in its rough staged however my amazing music man has gotten it spot on! I love what he has done and it makes you defiantly watch the film, I know there is no film but the whole point of a trailer is to get the audience to go wow I want to see this film! So I am a very happy person. As normal I have made a video diary so people don't have to read all of this I have a little video from my enforcer Josh Bray who also has helped me on audio Sunday. Also watch the funny GAG REEL!! it was a very funny night. Stay tuned! Rushes soon!

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