Friday, 17 February 2012


The bad thing about doing live action filming is the WEATHER! it has been two weeks since I have wanted to film however living in the location of a place were it likes to do what it wants when it comes to weather is annoying, I have had freezing cold temperatures, I have had rain and above all SNOW! this is starting to become a hinderance, and annoying to all the crew but I understand there fustration and annoyance however I am not willing to take expensive equipment into such conditions. This is the price people have to do when they are working on a set and the director says no can't do it find something else whilst we rearrange and as a director of this film I have had to say no sorry but reschedulling is needed and that is what I am going to do. As a director aswell I have had other duties this weekend by entering the Stoke Your Fires 72hr filming challenge. Which you can find on Youtube called Reggie's Journey which if it is shortlisted and voted for can have a chance of winning so fingers crossed. I have been able to book the camera equipment for The Darkness project this weekend and hopefully I can get my actresses acting soon! stay tuned for more updates and have your fingers crossed for me to have nice weather to film in!

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