Saturday, 4 February 2012


Hey another catch up on events in the darkness project, it is all going very well I have two second years helping me with titles and compositing, also the audio is finished and edited by me and my fabulous assistant woddy (derek woodmas). The snow is falling in the miserable town of stoke however this may hider me or help me we will see when I take the actors out and they freeze to death on me. I will have some fabulous assistants with me to help everyone stay warm. I am modelling the wolf at the moment the process seems to be going ok. I'm not the strongest of modellers but hey ho we all have to try. The concept art is going well for the wolf aswell I think I understand the shapes of wolves the hardest thing will be the face seen as that is the main attraction to the animation but we will see. Here is some screen shots of the modelling...

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