Thursday, 9 February 2012

Being A buzy bee!

 Hi this is me again your buzy animator giving you the updates on the darkness project. Shane and Chris have been great, Shane is giving me the title mock up that he is doing in stop motion. Chris is helping me with fur and is going to sculpt the wolf in Mudbox among other things. I'm going to start filming next week on Wednesday and Thursday whether it is snowing or not. Tony Smith has signed off the project saying it is a doable project. All i have to do now is to create a live action animatic & Change the beginning of the animation with some shadows of the wolf in back allyways also showing part of the wolfs body like the foot or tail. This is so the audience does not get confused on why there are wolfs in the city. The Music front is starting this weekend Charles beeching is the music man. I have been busy on other projects at the moment so its all about what next move than what i have done. Only wall I have is to find a rigger maybe its time to bribe! stay tuned for next week and some behind the scenes footage!

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